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Dutch Moderne: Graphic Design from De Stijl to Deco
 Dutch Moderne: Graphic Design from De Stijl to Deco
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Publications on the history of modern typography, trademarks & logotypes, packaging, posters, advertising, signage, commercial art, book design, letterheads, etc., including notable designers and their works in these fields.

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Plant Analysis Distemper Color Bookcover Designing Carpet Designing Oilcloth and Linoleum Designing Wallpaper Designing the American Vignola Color Harmony, #8, Scranton, PA, International Textbook Company, 1905, first edition, thick 8vo (9 x 6"), HB, green cloth boards w/ gilt spine titles, red edges, red/grey patterned endpapers, VG+ / none as issued.

312 illustrations. Extraordinary instructional design compendium for early 20th Century students and craftsmen. One of the more exceptional titles produced by International Correspondence School for their home course subscribers, profusely illustrated with a preponderance of Art Nouveau style design motifs, many in full color. This richly diverse title presents an excellent reference for designers today.

Eight related sections bound together are as follows:

Plant Analysis, 36 pp.- Introduction. Conventionalism. Nature Study. Outlining and Rendering. Decorative Treatment. Conventionalization.

From the chapter Plant Analysis: "William Morris, the celebrated craftsman and writer, says: "Beauty combined with invention and founded upon careful observation of nature is the mainspring of decorative design. If a design is not beautiful it has no right to exist; if it is not inventive it becomes wearisome; and if it is not founded upon observation of nature, it is not likely to be either beautiful or inventive."

Distemper of Color, 31 pp. - Classes of Color. Color Matching. Color Harmony. Classificaton. Spectrum Scales. Difference Between Mixing Colored Lights and Colored Pigments. Classificaton of Color Harmonies. Color Schemes From Nature.

Bookcover Designing, 59 pp. - Bookbinding. Early Stages of the Art. Tools. Early Influences and Styles. Modern Bookbinding. Making the Bookcover Cartoons. Classes of Bookcovers. Tooled Bookcovers. Printed Bookcovers. Preparing the Drawings. Designs for Zinc Etchings. Paper Covers. Requisites in Doing Successful Bookcover Designing. Book Plates. Style of Rendering. Lettering.

Carpet Designing, 24 pp. - Brussels and Wilton Carpets.

Oilcloth and Linoleum Designing, 25 pp.- Printing Oilcloths. The Printing Process. The Designs.

Wallpaper Designing, 47 pp. - Manufacture of Wallpaper. Preparing the Design. Principles of Wall Decoration

The American Vignola, 104 pp. - The Five Orders. Introduction. Mouldings, Plate I. The Orders. Vignola's Orders, Plate II. The Tuscan Order, Plates III and IV. Table of theTuscan Order, Plates V, VI, and VII. The Doric Order, Plates VII, VIII, IX, and X. Table of the Doric Order. The Ionic Order, Plates VIII and IX. Table of the Ionic Order, Plates XI, XII, and XIII. The Corinthian Order, Plates X and XI. Table of the Corinithian Order, Plates XIV, XV, and XVI. The Composite Order, Plates XII and XIII. Table of the Composite Order, Plates XVII and XVIII. Geometrical Relations. Drawing. The Greek Orders. Pilasters, Plate XVI. Pedestals, Plate XVI. Attics. Pediments, Plate XVII. Intercolumniation, or the Spacing of Columns, Plate XVIII. Doric Intercolumniations. Superposition, Plate XVIII. Other Cornices and String-Courses.

Color Harmony, 27 pp. - Introduction. Primary Colors. Secondary Colors. Position of Colors in the Chromatic Scale. Neutral Tints. Producing Harmony. Making a Color Card. Plate, Historic Ornament. Plate, Natural Forms.
Examination questions at the end of each section.

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