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Ringel, Fred J. (ed.), America As Americans See It, New York, Harcourt, Brace & Company, Inc., 1932, first ed., thick 8vo (8.75" x 6"), HB, navy cloth boards w/ red & white decorative titles, uncut edge, VG / none. Endpapers & title pages discolored, extremities slightly bumped, slightly rubbed.

365 pp. 46 essays. Writing by Upton Sinclair, W. E. Burghardt Du Bois, Faith Baldwin, Clifton Fadiman, Will James, Sherwood Anderson, James Weldon Johnson, John Mason Brown, Countee Cullen, Clifton Fadiman, Mark Van Doren, H. Cahill, Robert Benchley, Gilbert Seldes, Malcolm Cowley, S. Leacock, Booth Tarkington, Will James and many others on topics as disparate as crime, race, higher education, art, censorship, homelessness, and radio. Essays are profusely illustrated with works by 100+ American artists of the time, many of whom worked on WPA/FAP Projects. Artists include: Miguel Covarrubias, Robert Edmond Jones, Lee Simonson, Thomas Hart Benton, Ben Shahn, Andrew Dasburg, John Sloan, Howard Cook, Will James, Marsden Hartley, Ernest Fiene, Martin Lewis, Robert Minor, George Ault, Charles Sheeler, Yasuo, Kuniyoshi, Stepfan Hirsch, Charles Demuth, Glenn O. Coleman, Ira Martin, Lewis W. Hine, Preston Dickinson, Niles Spencer, Leon Kroll, Hugo Gellert, Alan Dunn, Buk, William M Rittase, Mabel Dwight, Norman Bel Geddes, Paul Grotz, Jacob Berck, Al Frueh, Ralph Steiner, Peter Arno, George "Pop" Hart, Art Young, Mary Petty, Robert Laurent, Reuben Nakian, Constantine Alajalov, William McNulty, Anton Bruehl, L Kasimir, Rockwell Kent, John Held Jr, Edward Hicks, Walker Evans, Joseph Sinel, Walt Disney, Marguerite Zorach, William Zorach, Walt Kuhn, Kenneth Hays Miller, Alexander Brook, John Storrs, Gaston Lachaise, Duncan Ferguson, Bernard Karfiol, Samuel Halpert, James Thurber, Maurice Sterne, Morris Kantor, Edward Hopper, Max Weber, Peter Blume, Gluyas Williams, Reuben Nakian, Carl Walters, Robert Laurent, Edward. Steichen, Alfred Stieglitz, Rockwell Kent, Anton Bruehl, William McNulty, Ralph Steiner, William Gropper, Ben Shahn, Martin Lewis, George Bellows, James Chapin, John Cassel, William Siegel, Kenneth Hayes Miller, Walt Kuhn, Reginald Marsh, Lee Simonson, Abraham Walkowitz, Henry Billings, Georgia O'Keefe, Adolf Dehn, A R Stavenitz, Stuart Davis, Peter Blume, Will B. Johnstone, H.T. Webster, O. Soglow, Russ Westover, George Herriman, J. Carver Pusey, Margaret Bourke-White, Leon Kroll, John Marin, Charles Burchfield, Louis Lozowick, Paul Strand, and many others.

The Open Spaces and the American Myth, The Surviving Pioneer Spirit, The Times and the Towns, The Heart of American Industry, American Brotherhood, The Scenery of the United States, America Builds Skyward, The Passing American, Cowboy and Dude Ranches, Hollywood: The Blessed and the Cursed, What Does America Read?, Our Island Theatre, Love and Romance, The Wings of an Ostrich, Women: Types and Movements, The Business of American Sports, Worshiping the American Hero, On American Thought, Black America, Back to Africa, The Creative Negro, Chicago, Graft in America, The American Radical, American Society and the Near-Society, The American: How He Lives, New York Year by Year, Higher Education, College Life, The Younger Writers, American Art Today, Censorship, American Music, 4 Elements of Advertising Appeal: "Flit", "Borden's Grade A Milk", "Unguentine", "Chesterfield". Advertising and Mass Psychology, Art in American Industry, "News" Photography; Al Capone, Arnold Rothstein and gangsters, Chain Stores, Radio Thrills, Gambling in Wall Street, The Hoboes of America, Expatriate 1931, The Newspaper "Game", American Humor, and A Neighbor Looks at America.

A time capsule of America during the the Great Depression.    [Book ID # 843]


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