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Wassily Kandinsky Retrospective
 Wassily Kandinsky Retrospective
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Pamphlets, journals, magazines and, on occasion, books published by a manufacturer to publicize their product lines. Though they have become harder to find, we look for older (i.e. 19th to mid- 20th Century) examples of the genre.

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Barnhart Brothers & Spindler Type Superior Printing Plant Equipment, Catalog 25, Chicago, Barnhart Brothers & Spindler, n.d. [1925], first edition, thick 4to (11.25" x 7.75"), HB, black cloth boards w/ elaborate blind-embossed decorative titles, gray endpapers, VG- / none. Edgeworn, extremities bumped, exposed mesh at hinges (now archivally repaired).

708 + 11 pp. index. Profusely illustrated in b/w and various two-color. Numerous "Type Faces, Border Designs, Typecast Ornaments: Selective Specimens of Preferred Materials for Modern Typography", and a large section on "accessories" which features "Superior and Reliable products for Printers", a vast array of presses and such as the following: Superior Brass Rules, Superior Metal Rules, Cupcast Spaces and Quads, Superior Spacing Assortments, Railroad Metal Furniture, Superior Iron Furniture, Superior Silver Gloss Steel Chases, Superior Stereotype Casting Boxes, Superior Metal Furnaces, saws and binders, Superior Bindery Press and Backer, cabinets and cases, from the Hamilton Manufacturing Co., etc. A classic catalog, reputed to be the finest and most comprehensive ever issued by this reputabe Chicago typography firm.

Typfaces (fonts) included in this volume:

Adcraft Black
Adcraft Lightface
Adcraft Medium
Adstyle Black
Adstyle Black Outline
Adstyle Condensed
Adstyle Extra Condensed
Adstyle Headletter
Adstyle Italic
Adstyle Shaded
Adstyle Wide
Advertisers Gothic
Advertisers Gothic Condensed
Advertisers Gothic Condensed Outline
Advertisers Gothic Outline
Advertisers Upright Script
Antique [BB&S]
Antique Bold
Antique Condensed
Artcraft Bold
Artcraft Italic
Authors Italic
Authors Oldstyle
Authors Oldstyle Bold
Authors Oldstyle Italic
Authors Roman
Authors Roman Bold
Authors Roman Bold Condensed
Authors Roman Condensed
Authors Roman Wide
Bank Script
Bank Script No. 2
Bank Script No. 3
Barnhart Oldstyle
Barnhart Oldstyle Italic
Barnhart Oldstyle No. 2
Bizarre Bold
Bookman Bold
Bookman Bold Condensed
Bookman Lightface
Bookman Oldstyle (BB&S)
Boul Mitch
Caslon Antique
Caslon Antique Italic
Caslon Black
Caslon Black Condensed
Caslon Black Italic
Caslon Catalog
Caslon Clearface
Caslon Clearface Italic
Caslon Medium
Caslon Medium Italic
Caslon Oldstyle
Caslon Oldstyle Italic
Caslon Openface
Caslon Openface Title
Catalog Oldstyle
Century Italic
Century Roman [BB&S]
Chester Text
Clarendon [BB&S]
Clarendon Bold
Clarendon Extra Condensed No. 5
Clarendon Medium
Clearcut Oldstyle
Clearcut Oldstyle Condensed No. 52
Clearcut Oldstyle Italic
Clearcut Shaded Capitals
Cooper Black
Cooper Black Condensed
Cooper Black Italic
Cooper Fullface
Cooper Hilite
Cooper Italic
Cooper Modern
Cooper Tooled Italic
Copperplate Text
Cubist Bold
Degree Gothic No. 1
Dennison Script
DeVinne Bold
DeVinne Compressed
DeVinne Extra Compressed
DeVinne Recut
DeVinne Recut Outline
Dresden [BB&S]
Election Gothic No. 117
Embossing Text
Engravers Bold (BB&S)
Engravers Bold Condensed
Engravers English
Engravers Gothic
Engravers Litho Bold
Engravers Litho Bold Condensed
Engravers Old Black
Engravers Roman
Engravers Roman Condensed
Engravers Roman Shaded
Engravers Title
Engravers Upright Script
Fašade Condensed [BB&S]
Fašade Condensed No. 1
French Clarendon
French Elzevir
French Elzevir Italic
French Oldstyle No. 3
French Oldstyle No. 56
French Plate Script
Gothic Chamfer
Gothic Clearcut Title
Gothic Compressed
Gothic Compressed No. 5
Gothic Compressed No. 7
Gothic Compressed Title No. 7
Gothic Compressed Title No. 8
Gothic Condensed No. 2
Gothic Condensed No. 117
Gothic Condensed Title No. 117
Gothic Extra Condensed No. 6
Gothic Extra Condensed No. 8
Gothic Extra Condensed Title No. 6
Gothic Inclined
Gothic Inclined Light
Gothic Italic
Gothic Italic Light
Gothic Lightface No. 44
Gothic Lightface Title
Gothic Modern
Gothic Modern Condensed
Gothic Modern Condensed Title
Gothic Modern Italic
Gothic Modern Title
Gothic No. 1
Gothic No. 1 Condensed
Gothic No. 3
Gothic No. 47 [BB&S]
Gothic No. 53
Gothic No. 54
Gothic No. 55
Gothic No. 57
Gothic No. 60
Gothic No. 67
Gothic No. 71
Gothic No. 82
Gothic No. 83 and 84
Gothic No. 90
Gothic No. 111
Gothic Novelty
Gothic Novelty Condensed
Gothic Novelty Title
Gothic Outline Title No. 61
Gothic Title No. 3
Gothic Title No. 60
Gothic Title No. 82
Gothic Title No. 90
Gothic Utility Title
Gothic Wide Title
Greeting Card
Greeting Card Light
Grotesque Gothic No. 43
Handcraft Title
Handcraft Wide Title
Headletter Condensed
Hebrew Condensed
Hebrew Modern
Invitation Text
Kenilworth Italic
Latin Antique [BB&S]
Latin Condensed
Latin Expanded
Latin Lightface
Latin Modern
Latin Oldstyle Bold
Light Modern
Mazarin No. 5
Menu Roman
Menu Shaded
Menu Title
Missal Text
Modern Roman Bold Condensed
Modern Roman Bold Extra Condensed
Modern Roman Condensed
Modern Roman Extra Condensed
Modern Roman Italic
Modern Roman Lightface
Modern Roman Medium
Modern Roman No. 64
Modern Roman No. 64 Italic
Modern Roman No. 80
Modern Roman No. 80 Italic
Modern Roman Wide
Modern Text
Morris Jensonian
Morris Romanized Black
Munder Bold
Munder Bold Italic
Munder Italic
Munder Venezian
Norman Condensed [BB&S]
Offset Engravers Roman
Offset Engravers Title
Offset Gothic Clearcut Title
Offset Gothic Title No. 60
Offset Lining Gothic No. 47
Offset Pastel Condensed
Old Dutch
Old Roman
Old Roman Black
Old Roman Black Italic
Old Roman Bold
Old Roman Bold Condensed
Old Roman Condensed
Old Roman Italic
Old Roman Semitone
Oldstyle Italic No. 1
Oldstyle Italic No. 58
Oldstyle Italic No. 59
Oldstyle No. 58
Oldstyle No. 100
Oldstyle No. 300
Oldstyle Title No. 59
Pantagraph Script
Paragon Plate
Paragon Plate Italic
Parsons Bold
Parsons Italic
Pastel Bold
Pastel Condensed
Pastel Lightface
Pastel Open
Pen Text No. 5
Pencraft Italic
Pencraft Oldstyle
Pencraft Oldstyle Bold
Pencraft Oldstyle Bold Condensed
Pencraft Shaded
Pencraft Text
Pencraft Title
Plate Gothic
Plate Gothic Bold
Plate Gothic Condensed
Plate Gothic Light
Plate Gothic Light Condensed
Plate Script
Plate Script No. 2
Plate Script No. 3
Priory Black Text
Program Italic
Publicity Gothic
Roman No. 60
Roman No. 63
Roman No. 66
Roman No. 74
Scotch Roman (BB&S)
Sketch Circular
Sketch Title
Spire No. 5
Stationers Plate
Stationers Semiscript
Steelplate Gothic Bold
Steelplate Gothic Extralight
Steelplate Gothic Heavy
Steelplate Gothic Heavy Condensed
Steelplate Gothic Heavy Extended
Steelplate Gothic Italic
Steelplate Gothic Light
Steelplate Gothic Light Condensed
Steelplate Gothic Light Extended
Steelplate Gothic Shaded
Steelplate Text
Swagger Capitals
Title No. 9
Title No. 10
Title No. 10 Italic
Title No. 11
Trenholm Bold
Trenholm Cursive
Trenholm Oldstyle
Trenholm Shaded Capitals
Two Line No. 56
Typewriter Barnhart Utility
Typewriter Doubled Letters
Typewriter Elite Improved
Typewriter Elite Silk
Typewriter Oliver Printype
Typewriter Oliver Standard Silk
Typewriter Remington No. 2
Typewriter Remington Silk
Typewriter Remington Standard
Typewriter Reproduction
Typewriter Smith-Premier Silk
Typewriter Underwood New Model Silk
Uniform Mailing Type
Utility Gothic
Waldorf Text
Wedding Plate Script
World Gothic
World Gothic Condensed
World Gothic Italic
Yost Typewriter

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