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Art News, Vol. 52, No. 7
 Art News, Vol. 52, No. 7
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From ArtLex, which offers this characteristically thorough definition: "printed matter, intended to have only fleeting interest. 'Ephemera' comes from the Greek word 'ephemeros' meaning 'lasting a day.' Examples are: tickets, leaflets, promotional literature or pamphlets, handbills, package labels, campaign buttons or badges, scrapbooks, maps, sheet music, bird's-eye views, playbills, posters, postcards..."

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Delafield, Ann (director), The Beauty Angle Position, New York, Richard Hudnut, 1944, first edition, 4to (10" x 7.25"), SB, 12 folded pamphlets loose in printed pink paper wraps, VG- / none. Edges worn, wraps lightly rubbed, repair to spine head.

Stylized line drawings throughout. Each of the dozen pamphlets is one large leaf folded into quarters; they are marked "Second Week," first through sixth days, and "Fourth Week," first through sixth days. Produced by the Richard Hudnut Salon, 693 Fifth Ave., New York. Self-improvement instruction on "The Food You Eat! The Thoughts You Think! The Emotions You Feel!" as well as overt beauty and exercise.

What Constitutes All-Round Beauty in a Woman
What Is Good Grooming?
When You Read, Remember to Get Into the Beauty Angle Position
Look as Smart as You Are
Back Seat or Bus Riding
Figure Your Time
Your Lucky Number
two untitled pamphlets
Swing Low--and Watch the Thick Waist Go
Rhythmic Dancer.

Live your life by such gems as,

Disc bullets list:

  • "Even those few who for physical reasons must restrict their spanking exercises should do posture exercises every waking moment."

  • "Never talk about yourself but about him."

  • "Are you proud to see your body when you get in and out of your tub?...Your body throws off practically a quart of fluid a day through your seat glands...a big reason for a bath or two a day and for under arm care."

  • "Every hour you live you are getting older from the neck up."

  • "Is your voice pleasant to hear? Talk to yourself."

The precursor to Richard Simmons.    [Book ID # 1885]


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