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Books and materials relating to the applied arts after WWI; their use in architecture & interior design; the design of handworked and manufactured objects including: ceramics, metalwork, wood, jewelry, textiles, glass, furniture, graphics, clocks & watches, toys, leather, etc.

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Kepes, Gyorgy (ed.), Vision + Value Series, NY, George Braziller, 1965-1966, see below for dates/editions, 4to (9" x 11"), Hardcovers in DJs, tan cloth boards w/ black titles, each in well designed illustrative jackets, Near Fine-Very Good. Various conditions to DJs: age-toning & sunned spines (as usual); occasional staining, creasing, minor chipping, closed tears (now archivally repaired), open tears (see - Education Of Vision, Structure In Art And In Science.).

Education Of Vision; Structure In Art And In Science; The Nature and Art Of Motion; Module Proportion Symmetry Rhythm; The Man Made Object; Sign Image Symbol. (Our image is very large. Click once to open and then again to allow for best view and scrolling.)

From The Publisher: "Each volume of the series is devoted to a broad basic theme which, because of its related meaning to different professional concepts, provides fruitful ground for confronting, combining and comparing knowledge from diverse disciplines. Each contains an introduction by Gyorgy Kepes, and approx. 13 essays written expressly for the volume by eminent members of the scientific, scholarly or artistic professions. Three years of intense editorial work served to give each volume an integrated character, complemented by the great richness of images offered in numerous illustrations." Many notable contributors, from wide range of creative practitioners, include: Rudolph Arnheim, Dore Ashton, Saul Bass, Max Bill, Marcel Breuer, Will Burtin, John Cage, Gillo Dorfles, Henry Dreyfuss, R. Buckminster Fuller, Karl Gerstner, Sigfied Gideon, Johannes Itten, Katherine Kuh, Richard Lohse, Marshall McLuhan, Philip Morrison, Pier Luigi Nervi, Robert Osborn, Paul Rand, Herbert Read, Ad Reinhardt, Hans Richter, George Rickey, Gordon B. Washburn among many others.

Gyorgy Kepes, was a Hungarian-born painter, designer, author and educator. who founded and directed the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT, having come to Cambridge from the New Bauhaus school (later Institute of Design) in Chicago. Between 1965 and 1966 he undertook the ambitious project of editing a series of anthologies that would speak to his overarching theme of the fundamental role of vision for human insight and expression, with each volume on a specifically chosen sub-topic. New York book publisher George Braziller published the six volume series under the title Vision + Value Series, the first three being offered in 1965, followed by three more in 1966.

His aim for the series was "to stimulate the circulation of ideas, to find channels of communication that interconnect various disciplines and offer us a sense of structure in our twentieth century world,encourage an interdisciplinary symbiosis between often isolated designers, artists, scientists and scholars to examine and aid in the integration of all aspects of our life through twentieth century knowledge to share the creative experience of our the various disciplines so that each might benefit from the thinking and experience of the others."

A full 6-volume set in such nice condition, complete with dust jackets, is fairly uncommon.

Each volume carries an appendix giving brief biographies of each of the diverse group of contributing authors, numerous articles on carefully selected subjects by these distinguished writers and profuse illustrations in b/w. Volumes' contents are as follows:

EDUCATION OF VISION (1965, 233 pp, second printing, 3" long x 2" wide tear at top of spine and around to upper left front)
    Visual Thinking
    The Influence of Aesthetic Examples
    Conscious Planning and Unconscious Scanning
    Conveying Science By Visual Presentation
    Designing Communication
    The Metaphorical Way of Knowing
    The Foundation Course At the Bauhaus
    Design Education
    Student Work, Visual Design Courses, M.I.T.
    Design and the Play Instinct
    Special Considerations
    Visual Education for Emerging Cultures: the African Opportunity
    Art in Education Past and Present
    Visual Education for Sciences and Engineering Students
    Visual Intelligence and General Education

STRUCTURE IN ART AND IN SCIENCE (1965, 189 pp, third printing. DJ has soiling, age-toning as usual; sm. pc. missing at upper right corner)
    Atomism, Structure and Form: a Report of the Natural Philosophy of Form
    Structure, Substructure, and Superstructure
    Object and Effigy
    The Discovery of Form
    Conceptuality of Fundamental Structures
    Structure, Construction, Tectonics
    Is Architecture Moving Toward Unchangeable Forms?
    On the Design Process
    Building Toward the Community Structure
    Some Thoughts On Collective Form
    Structure and Communication
    Syntactic Structure in the Visual Arts
    Structure as Art? Art as Structure?
    Illusion as Structure
    Concrete Painting a Structural Painting

THE NATURE AND ART OF MOTION (1965, 196 pp, second printing; DJ has creasing and a light circular stain)
    Motion Images
    Science and the Deallegorization of Motion
    Arts and Evolution
    The Role of Motion Or Visual Habits Artistic Creation
    Visual Perception of Motion
    Constancy and Invariance in Perception
    Orientation, Direction, Cheirality, Velocity, and Rhythm
    The Morphology of Movement: a Study of Kinetic Art
    Recent Kinetic Art
    Structure Movement
    My Experience of Movement in Painting and in Film
    Seven Faces of Time: Anesthetic for Cinema
    Structure and Continuity Exhibition Design
    Motion, Sequence and the City
MODULE, PROPORTION, SYMMETRY, RHYTHM (1966, 233 pp, first printing; DJ age-toned, spine sunned, staining to top and side edges, not effecting the interior)
    The Modularity of Knowing
    The Modular Principal in Biological Form
    The Architecture of Crystals
    Patterns of Growth of Figures: Mathematical Aspects
    Modular Ideas in Science and in Art: Visual Documents
    Module: Measure, Structure, Growth and Function
    Modular Materials and Design Flexibility
    Standard, Series, Module: New Problems and Tasks of Painting
    The Structural Syndrome in Constructive Art
    Duality and Synthesis in the Music of Bela Bartok
    Rhythm Etc.
    The Unit and The Whole: Fundamental Problem of the Plastic Arts
    A Review of Proportion
THE MAN-MADE OBJECT (1966, 230 pp, first printing; former owner's bookplate to front fly)
    The Man-Made Object: Object Forms and Functions: Contrasts and Analogies
    The Origins of Four Men Or New Blind Eye to Why
    The Fundamental Elements of Japanese Object-Making
    The Meeting: a Man and Man-Made Object
    The Emperor's Old Clothes
    From the Set of Forces to Afford
    Form, the Tangible _Expression of Reality
    Genesis of Design
    Rietveld and the Man-Made Object
    Object-Design: Significant Examples
    Objects for Pain Are
    Youths and Motorcycles
    The Object Itself-Image
    From Achilles' Shield to Junk
    The Object and "Realism" in Contemporary Art
    Biographical Notes On the Authors
SIGN, IMAGE, SYMBOL (1966, 282 pp, second printing)
    The World as a Communication Network: Signs, Images and Symbols
    From Stimulus to Symbol: the Economy of Biological Computation
    Image and Thought
    Symbolic Expression of Prehistory and the First High Civilizations
    A Theory of Pictorial Perception
    Graphic Symbols for World-Wide Communication
    Case Study: Symbols for Industrial Use
    Isomorphic Interrelationships Between Knower and Known
    Paintings, Ways to Live, and Values
    The Painter's Handwriting
    The Problem of Reality in Mid-Century Painting
    Art and Art Is Our Past Art
    The Hangover
    Movement, Film, Communication
    Image Making in Arctic Art
    The Eskimo Discovery of Man's Place in the Universe
    The City as Symbol
    The Image: the Architects in Inalienable Vision
    Form and Architecture: Imitation and Abstraction
    The Tree of Knowledge
    [Book ID # 2117]


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