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Books and materials relating to the applied arts after WWI; their use in architecture & interior design; the design of handworked and manufactured objects including: ceramics, metalwork, wood, jewelry, textiles, glass, furniture, graphics, clocks & watches, toys, leather, etc.

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Goodrum, Charles & Helen Dalrymple, Advertising in America: the First 200 Years, New York, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1990, first edition, folio (12" x 9.5"), HB, navy cloth boards w/ gilt titles, color illustrated dj, NF / F. Bottom edges of covers slightly faded.

288 pp. Profusely illustrated in b&w and color. A good chronological survey of trends in layout & illustration. Bibliography, sources for further information and index.

From the dust jacket:

"There are few things that have more impact on our lives today than advertising, and Advertising in America: The First 200 Years gives us more of the history of print advertising and shows us more of its images than any other volume.

The text and illustrations of this absorbing and entertaining book offer greater insights into the social and economic life of America since 1789 than a whole shelf of conventional histories. Here we see how we spent our money; what our fantasies, desires, fears, and needs have been; how advertising taught us about new technologies; and which products and trends lasted and which haven't. In fact, Advertising in America is unmatched as a window on two centuries of American life.

Included in Charles Goodrum's anecdotal and highly informative text are dozens of short histories of major American corporations and their products. Advertising taught us how to use disposable blades and the razor that held them; how to record our lives with the Kodak box camera; it taught us what it would be like to be among the first passengers ever to fly in a commercial airliner. Goodrum reveals trade secrets: why Ivory soap floats; why the "Quaker" is in Quaker Oats; that King C. Gillette had his picture printed more times than any other modern man; and myriad other fascinating tales.

We see, too, how changing morality altered fashion and cosmetic advertising; how women were portrayed over the last 200 years; what we bought out of guilt or shame. We can follow changing graphic styles - why does a 1920s ad look like a 1920s ad? - and trace the careers of well-known artists and illustrators as they earned fame in the service of advertising.

Among the 566 illustrations are dozens of print ads never before reproduced in book form as well as more than 50 debut ads for products still in existence today. There are 50 years of Breck girls, 50 years of Eastman Kodak film and cameras, 70 years of an ever-updated Betty Crocker, 100 years of Coca-Cola (including more color Coke ads than any other tradebook has ever reproduced), and the most extensive collection of early Ivory soap ads ever compiled, all showing the development of corporate images and marketing strategies.

Advertising in America is an indispensable - and delightful - journey through our commercial history, a giant wish book for collectors of advertising ephemera, and a useful reference - on advertising, on American inventions and gadgetry, on fashion and cosmetics, on automobiles, railroads, and plane travel, and on business and marketing strategies - for professionals."


A & P food stores David Abbott Absolut Vodka Absorbine Jr. disinfectant Carl W. Ackerman Ansel Adams Russell B. Adams Jr. Adams' Black Jack Chewing Gum Felix Adler Advertising Council Mehemed Fehmy Agha AIDS Air mail Airflow DeSoto Alka-Seltzer Aluminum Company of America American Advertising Museum American Airlines American Automobile Association American Bible Society American Book Week American Civic Association American Committee for Relief in the Near East American Foundation for AIDS Research American Insurance Group American Laundry Machinery Co. American Lung Association American Optical Co. [Wellsworth] American Red Cross American Safety Razor Co. American Telephone & Telegraph American Tobacco Co. America's Right to Tape William Ashley Anderson Antikamnia & Codeine Tablets William F. Arens Arizona Oren Arnold Arrow Shirts Art Deco Art Nouveau Artists in advertising Arts and crafts movement Aspirin AT&T Robert Atwan Audit Bureau of Circulation Automobile advertising Automotive Wood Wheels Manufacturers Association Richard Avedon J.C. Ayer N.W. Ayer & Son

Baker's Chocolate Ball point pen Bank of America McClelland Barclay Phineas T. Barnum Francis Barraud Bob Barrie Kim Basinger Batten, Barton, Durstin & Osborne Battle Creek Sanitarium Herbert Bayer Beer Bell Telephone La Belle Chocolataire James Gordon Bennett Howard Benson Harry Stacy Benton William Bernbach Sarah Bernhardt Better Business Bureaus Betty Crocker Bibendum Bibliography on advertising Barry Biederman Clarence Birdseye Bitters Black & Decker Power Tools Black Cat hosiery Duncan Black Bloom Agency Boeing Aircraft Bon Ami Franklin Booth Borden's [Crackerjack and Eagle Brand Condensed Milk] Bottle caps Courtland L. Bovee Brands Braniff Airlines Brassieres Breck Shampoo Bristol-Myers [Bufferin] Broadsides Alexey Brodovitch Bromo-Seltzer [Warner-Lambert] Harry Brooks Brown's Iron Bitters Anton Bruehl Bufferin [Bristol-Myers] Buick automobiles Bull Durham cigarettes [American Tobacco Co.] Burlington Mills [Esquire socks] Burlington Route R.R. Burma-Shave Leo Burnett Bustles Edward Buxton Adm. Richard Byrd William Byrd

Cadillac automobiles Herminie Cadolle Calculator, pocket California Earnest Elmo Calkins Calvin Klein, and Calvin Klein products Camel cigarettes [R.J. Reynolds] Campbell-Ewald company Campbell's soups and juices Asa Candler John Caples Carrier air conditioning Carillon Importers Ltd. Gerald Carson Richard Burns Carson Carter's Little Liver Pills Enrico Caruso Causes William Caxton Cellophane [DuPont] Celluloid Century (magazine) Cereals Charlie perfume [Revlon] Caleb Chase Chase & Sanborn Coffee [Standard Brands] Cherry Pectoral Robert Chesebrough Chesterfield cigarettes Chestnut Hill shirts Chevelle Michael Eugene Chevreul Chevrolet automobiles Chewing gum Chiat/Day agency Chicago & Alton R.R. Chicago Daily Tribune Chiclets Children's Defense Fund Howard Chandler Christy Chrysler automobiles Cigarette advertising Circassian Hair Dye Clairol Hilda Clark Claymation Thomas M. Cleland Clio Awards George B. Cluett Cluett-Peabody J & P Coats Thread Coca-Cola Brian Coe Cold cream Steve Coli Cologne Color in advertising Colt's Patent Fire Arms Mfg. Co. Columbia Broadcasting System Columbia cars and cycles Columbia Phonograph Comedones Commercial design Condoms Consumers Research Consumers Union Container Corporation of America Dr. Russell H. Conwell Copiers William Cosby Cosmetics Coty wild musk cologne Alice Courtney Ruth Schwartz Cowan James Cox Kenyon Cox Crackerjack [Borden's] Bradshaw Crandell Cream of Wheat cereal [NABISCO] Creative personnel in advertising Creole Cigarettes Wendell C. Crow Henry Parson Crowell Crown Cork and Seal Co. Cudahy meats Harris O. Curler

Alonzo G. Decker Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R.R. Delehanty, Kurnit & Gellner Jerry Della Femina Demaine, Vickers. and Assoc. Denim Dentyne gum Deodorants The Depression and advertising Design of advertising DeSoto automobiles Sal DeVito John DeWaard Edwin Dexter Diebold Safe and Lock The Discus Thrower Disposall Larry Dobrow Dodge automobiles, and John and Horace Dodge Dolly Sisters Lou Dorfsman Dorothy Gray Doyle Dane Bernbach Dr Pepper Dry ice Duco paint and enamel Duke, James Buchanan "Buck") Duo-lastic Union Suits DuPont [Cellophane] Duralumin Duryea Motor Wagon Co.

George Eastman and Eastman Kodak Eaton Corp. Seymour Eaton Edison Electric Lights Edison Phonographs Edison Vitascope Edsel automobiles [Ford] El Al Airlines Electric appliances Elijah's Manna Elizabeth Arden Emerson and Fisher Co. Emerson Drug Co. Eskimo Pie Esquire socks Eureka Springs Eureka vacuum sweepers Evans furs Eversharp pencils

Warren Farrell Fatima cigarettes Milton Feasley Federal Trade Commission Fig Newton cookies Firestone tires Fisher Bodies Fisk Tires James Montgomery Flagg Flanders Electric automobiles Frank H. Fleer Fleischmann's Yeast Jerry Flint Florida Fogal hosiery Food and Drug Administration Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1935 Foote, Cone, & Belding Jennifer Foote Edsel Ford Henry Ford and Ford cars Ford Tri-motor Forhan's toothpaste A.E. Foringer Four Freedoms Jean Honore Fragonard Benjamin Franklin Franklin Motor cars Freed-Eisemann radios Betty Friedan Frigidaire Frisco R.R. Frozen foods Mitch Frumkin Vernon Fryburger Bernard Fuchs Fuller & Smith & Ross agency

George Gallup James Gamble Garbage Disposall Gender in advertising General Electric General Foods General Motors Corp. Charles Dana Gibson Gilbert Advertising Agency King C. Gillette and Gillette safety razors Girard cigars Girls Clubs of America Glacier National Park Robert Glatzer Prudence Glynn Erving Goffman Gold in Alaska Goldberg/Marchesano and Assoc. William Golden Goodrich Rubber Co. Goodyear Rubber Co. Suzanne Gordon Government advertising Rev. Sylvester Graham Gramophone Granola Granula Grape-Nuts Adolphus Green Elizabeth Shippen Green John Ruffin Green Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic Guerlain perfume Guilt as an advertising device Fenja Gunn Guns in advertising

Sarah Josepha Hale Grace T. Hallock Ronald Hambleton Hamburg-American Line Handguns in advertising Hanes hosiery Pleasant Henderson Hanes Harrison's Musk Cologne, and Apollos W. Harrison Hart, Schaffner and Marx Dr. Samuel B. Hartman Hathaway shirts Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Assn. Heinz Foods John Held Jr. G.L. Hemminger Hewlett-Packard High Rock Knitting Co. George Washington Hill Percival S. Hill Hindenburg aircraft Hippodrome (P.T. Barnum's) and Charles Elmer Hires Hires Root Beer Andy Hirsch Holeproof Hosiery Holiday Inn Bryan Holme Home Recording Rights Coalition Homko Power Mowers Hookless Fastener Co. John L. Hooper Hoover vacuum cleaners, and William H. Hoover Claude C. Hopkins Clarence Hornung Hosiery Hostetter's Bitters Hovey's Cocoa Glycerine Hudson automobiles Maud Humphrey Roger Huntington Hupmobile automobiles

Imperial Union Suits Douglas J. Ingells Installment purchasing International Latex [Playtex] International Trucks Interwoven hosiery Inventions Ipana Tooth Paste Ironclad Hosiery Isuzu automobiles Iver Johnson Revolvers Ivory Soap

J. Walter Thompson agency Dr. James Caleb Jackson Mary Jacob Jaguar automobiles Jamaica James I, king of England Jantzen Oliver Jensen Jockey underwear Constantin Joffe Johnnie Walker Johns-Manville Andrew Johnson Fridolf Johnson Johnson & Johnson bandages Edgar Jones Jordache Jordan auromobiles James J. Jordan Jovan musk cologne Whitcomb L. Judson Donald W. Jugenheimer

Kaiser Kansas City, Lawrence & Southern R.R. The "Katy" R.R. Michael Katz Louis Kaufman John Keats Keds Dr. John Harvey Kellogg Will Kellogg Kellogg's cereals Kennedy Radios Rockwell Kent Charles Kettering Victor Kiam Dr. F.G. Kinsman Kirkman's Borax Soap Calvin Klein Bernard Kliban Fred Kligman Kodak Julian Koenig Kohler plumbing J.J. Kramer Helmut Krone

Lackawanna R.R. Ladies' Home Journal Lady Remington Hair Curler Lake Hopatcong Land (advertising for) Landers, Frary & Clark Lillie Langtry William L. Larkins Albert Lasker Henry M. Leland Mike Lescarbeau Samuel Lesure Lever Brothers [Lifebuoy soap] Lord Leverhulme Robert Levering Levi-Strauss Levolor window blinds Levy bakery David L. Lewis Joseph C. Leyendecker Annie Liebovitz Alfred Lief Lifebuoy soap [Lever Bros.] Liggett & Myers Lightolier Lincoln Continental automobiles Charles Lindbergh Lingerie Jean Etienne Liotard Barbara Lippert Lipstick Liquid Bottle Cooler Listerine [Lambert Pharmacal Co.] Raymond Loewy Log Cabin Syrup [General Foods] George Lois Lord & Taylor dry goods Lord & Thomas agency Lorillard (P.) Tobacco Co. Lotts toys Lowney's Chocolate Bonbons Herb Lubalin Lucky Strike Cigarettes [American Tobacco Co.] Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Tracy Lynn Lysol disinfectant

Macy's dry goods Magazines Maidenform Mail Pouch chewing tobacco Nettie L. Major Alfred Marcantonio Roland Marchand Marlboro cigarettes [Philip Morris] Marschalk Co. Martha's Vineyard Mascara Maxell tape Maxwell House Coffee Maybelline Maytag washers McCall's (magazine) McDonald's hamburgers McGraw-Hill Harry McMahan McMurdo Sound Donald McQuade Mennen Shaving Cream Inc. Men's Rights Mentor Corp. Metropolitan Life Insurance Susan E. Meyer Michelangelo Michelin Tire Co. Sir John E. Millais Miller Tires Missouri, Kansas, and Texas R.R. Mitchell-Lewis automobiles Mitsuoko perfume MKT R.R. (The "Katy") Modess sanitary napkins Monk's Brew Monte Carlo [Chevrolet] Montgomery Ward Company Hal Morgan Morton Salt Milton Moskowitz John Luther Mott Mott's Plumbing Movado watches Mt. St. Helens Chris Mullen Mulsified Cocoanut Oil Shampoo Munsing Wear [Northwestern Knitting] Murad cigarettes Marion E. Murray Musk cologne Sid Myers

NABISCO Nantucket Narcotics Anonymous National Advertising Review Board National Airlines National Association of Ice Industries National Biscuit Company National Child Labor Committee National Congress for Men National Drug Abuse Hotline National parks Neat, Kearney & Co. LeRoy Neiman Christian Nelson Roy Paul Nelson Neptune Swimming and Boating Club Allan Nevins New Jersey New Mexico New York American New York Central R.R. New York Herald New York Journal New York, New Haven & Hartford R.R. Newell-Emmett agency Alfred E. Newman Newport cigarettes Newspapers Niagara Falls William Emery Nickerson A.C. Nielsen Nike Apparel "Nipper" trademark Nivea Lillian Nordica North-American Mining and Developing Co. Northern Pacific R.R. Nudity

Oatmeal Amedeo Obici Obsession perfume Ocean Steamship Co. Odorono deodorant John O'Driscoll Ogilvy, David, and Ogilvy and Mather agency Ransom Eli Olds and Oldsmobile automobiles Omar cigarettes Onyx Hosiery Oreo cookies Maureen O'Sullivan Overland automobiles Ozarks

P. Lorillard Co. William Painter Pall Mall cigarettes Volney B. Palmer Palmolive Soap Paper Parisian Rose Perfume Maxfield Parrish Pastiche album Patchouli wild musk [Coty] Patent medicines Dr. Richard Archibald Patterson Patterson Wholesale Coal Frederick F. Peabody Pearline Pear's Soap Pebeco toothpaste Peel-and-sniff advertisements Dr. John Styth Pemberton Edward Penfield J.C. Penney Co. Pennsylvania Gazette Pepsi-Cola Pepto-Bismol Perfume Peruna Mario Peruzzi George Petty Philco radios and batteries Philip Morris Co. Coles Phillips Mary Catherine Phillips Phoebe Snow Phoenix Silk Hose Phonographs Piatti Groceries Dr. Pierce Piggly Wiggly stores Bill Pitts Planters peanuts [NABISCO] Playtex girdles Plymouth automobiles Polaroid cameras Shirley Polykoff Theron Pond Pond's Cold Cream Daniel Pope Pop-up advertisements Ferdinand Porsche Charles W. Post Post Toasties [General Foods] Postum [General Foods] Powder (cosmetic) John E. Powers Louis Prang Burt Prelutsky Frank Presbrey Primley's California Fruit Chewing Gum Procter & Gamble Harley Procter Pro-keds Proprietary drugs Prudential Insurance Public interest advertising Puffed Rice Puffed Wheat Kenneth William Purdy Pure Food and Drug Acts Howard Pyle

Quaker Oats

Radiola John Bill Rae Henry Raleigh Raleigh (N.C.) Register Paul Rand Rapid Roller copier Razors RCA radios Recording tape Red Cross Walt Reed Rosser Reeves Frederic Remington Lady Remington hair curler Remington typewriters Helen and Stanley Resor Paul Revere Revlon Charles Revson Reynolds ball point pen R.J. Reynolds Rice Council Al Ries Joseph C. Robert Robertson (J.T.) Soap Co. Norman Rockwell Rolls-Royce automobiles David Rose Rosie the Riveter Maurice Rossillon Kim Rottoll George P. Rowell Frank Rowsome Royal Baking Powder Royal Pub Royal Worcester Corset Co. F.W. Louis and Robert Rueckheim Runaways

San Antonio San Diego James Sanborn C.H. Sandage Sanforizing process Sanitas cornflakes Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana Santa Fe R.R. Savage Arms Scali, McCabe, Stoves, Inc. Schick Shavers Oscar Schisgall Schlitz beer Schooley Meat Locker John Schreider Ferdinand Schumacher Scot Tissue, and Clarence and E. Irving Scott Scovil Manufacturing Co. Scribner's (magazine) Scripps' Howard newspapers Sears, Roebuck Barry Seidman Jamie Seitter Seventh Day Adventists Sewing machines Sex as an advertising device Sex stereotyping in advertising Ben Shahn Shampoo Charles Sheldon Cybill Shepherd Brooke Shields Shredded Wheat William A. Shryer Dennis Simanaitis Isaac Merritt Singer Singer sewing machines Henry Slesar Edward Featherston Small Smith & Wesson guns Smith Brothers Cough Drops Courtland N. Smith Jadyn Smith Jessie Willcox Smith Smithsonian Institution Smokey the Bear Soap Louis H. Soule John Philip Sousa Southern R.R. J.P. Spang Jr. James Murray Spangler Sponge Boots "Sporting Girls" Springmaid Fabrics Springs Cotton Mills Elliott White Springs E.R. Squibb & Sons Toni Stabile Stanley's Snake Oil Liniment Star Razor Company. Edward Steichen Gloria Steinem Jane and Michael Stern Stewart-Warner auto parts Gordon Stille Stockings Stokes, Thompson & Co. William B. Stout Russell Stover Levi Strauss Robert Stuart Studebaker automobiles and wagons Gideon Sunback Haddon Sundblom Sunkist Lemons Surgeon-General's Report Swan soap Swissair

Talon fasteners Tanglefoot insect spray Peter Taylor Technology and advertising Television Henry Tetlow Texaco Texas J. Walter Thompson agency James Thurber Cheryl Tiegs Nannie Mae Tilley Tin Goose Jack Tinker Miles Tinker Toastmaster Tobacco advertising Toca-Cola Tolson & Co., agency Toni Home Permanent Patrick J. Towle Trade cards Trademarks TransAmerica insurance Travel advertising Travelers Insurance Rosemary Trible Tri-motor Triscuit John Trumbull John Trytten Turlington's Balsam of Life E.S. Turner Tuxedo tobacco Mark Twain

Underwear Uneeda biscuits [NABISCO] Toni Ungerer Union Pacific R.R. United Air Lines United States Rubber Co. [Keds] Universal Food Chopper Upham's Hair Dye U.S. Army U.S. Committee on Public Information U.S. Food Administration U.S. National Park Service U.S. Navy U.S. Postal Service U.S. Public Health Service U.S. Resettlement Administration U.S. Surgeon General U.S. War Production Coordinating Committee U.S. Welfare and Relief Mobilization U.S. Women's Army Corps [WAC]

John Vachon Gilbert Vail Gloria Vanderbilt Vanity Fair Vaseline Velvet tobacco [Liggett & Myers] Victor Talking Machine Co. Vietnam Moratorium Virginia Slims [Philip Morris] Vitascope Volkswagen

Susan Wagner Walker Dry Goods John Wanamaker War bonds A. Montgomery Ward Andy Warhol Chiclets] Warner-Lambert [Bromo-Seltzer Washing machines Water filters Julian Watkins David Weiss Johnny Weissmuller Welch's Grape Juice Wells, Rich, Greene agency Wellsworth Western Electric Thomas Whipple Gordon W. White Stephen F. Whitman Whitman's chocolates Grace Wiederseim Ralph William Williams Williams Shaving Soap Willys Overland automobiles Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup Winston cigarettes Wire Wheel Corporation of America Women and advertising James Playsted Wood Woodbury's Facial Soap Baron George Wrangell John W. Wright Lawrence Wright William Wrigley Jr. Wrigley's chewing gum N.C. Wyeth

Xerox copiers

Skelly and White Yankelovich Yardley's lavender Yellowstone National Park James Young Young & Rubicam

William Zinsser Zippers Zondervan Publishing House Zubelda cigarettes    [Book ID # 789]


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