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Aviation Training Division Office of the Chief of Naval Operation, Flight Thru Instruments: NAVAER 00-80W-7, US Navy, 1945, oblong 4to (8.25 x 10.5), hardcover, Gray pictorial cloth with title, Naval Manual number and emblem of US Naval Aviator Wings in blue, Very Good/ none (as issued?) Mild tan spotting to front and back covers. Interior clean and unmarked..

143 pp., profusely illustrated throughout in b/w and color; title page has 3 two-color views of planes shown on bombing missions, taking evasive action and in-carrier take-offs.

This 1945 title is an uncommon US Naval Aviation manual for teaching instrument flight, designed under a government contract by the Graphic Engineering Staff at General Motors, under the direction of Harley Earl (best known for his car designs for GM and establishing the "tailfin" as an American design icon with the introduction of the innovative 1948 Cadillac which took its inspiration from a World War II fighter plane - the Lockheed P-38 Lightning.) Three sections of basic information are presented for the naval aviation student or as a refresher to Naval Aviators. It reviews only those instruments whose indications directly involve the control of flight and as such does not cover radio navigation,weather or radar.

Chapter I: "Vision Beyond Sight" including attitude, wing position,control of power and attitude, lift balance and inertia, unbalance and pilot misuse of controls, changes in power and airspeed and changes in load or flight conditions. Also covered are performance in altitude including effects of changing nose position, climbing and descending flight, measuring changes in altitude, performance in airspeed,performance in direction, effects of banking, rudder, yaw and the turn, load factor.

Chapter II: "Flight Instruments" with classification of instruments, attitude indicator, power indicators, directional balance indicator, performance indicators and indicators of altitude, airspeed and direction.

Chapter III: "Maneuvers and Performances" covers definitions of performance terms, indications of the flight instruments, nose and wing positions, directional balance, substitution of instruments including use of clock and one instrument, substitute indicators of nose and wing positions, table of attitude indicators, full and partial panel, sequence of pilot control action, scanning the panel. Also covered are flight maneuvers and performances with power constant, level flight, turns, turns to heading, timed turns, standard rate turns, flight maneuvers and performances with power variable including climbs, descents, turning while climbing, instrument take-off and unusual flight and recovery.

Well illustrated Appendices "A" through "I" follow: A thorough "Glossary" of Standard Terminology for Instrument Flight Training; "The Gyroscope and Gyro-Activated Flight Instruments" (the gyroscope applied to flight instruments, gyro-horizon,directional gyro); "The Atmosphere and Pressure-Activated Instruments" (air pressure, air density, calibration and correction; Pitot-static Tube, altitude(altimeter setting, calibrated altitude, true altitude etc.); "Remote Indicating Compasses" (Magnesyn Type Compass and Gyro Fluxgate Compass); Vertigo (false impressions in instrument flying); "Instrument Trouble Reporting" (gyro-horizon); Tachometer (centrifugal and electric) manifold pressure gage, altimeter,airspeed indicator, vertical speed indicator, Compass, Mark Vlll and lX, Compass Mark X, Compass Magnesyn, turn indicator); "Basic Airwork Refresher" (maneuvering full panel with power constant, maneuvering partial panel with power variable and instrument Airwork Clock); "Flight Training Patterns" (Able, Baker, Charlie One and Sea) and lastly, "Tables, Graphs, Charts" shows angle of bank and load factor, airspeed and angle of bank for standard route turns, atmospheric pressure and standard temperatures.

The stunning b/w and color illustrations used throughout are prime examples of "Information Graphics" (very reminiscent of similar works by Herbert Bayer during the 1940s); included are detailed cutaways and exploded-views, many drawings of other flight instruments including performance indicators, vertical speed indicator, wing positions, indirect indicators, flight panels. Additional graphics show training maneuvers and performances, pilots seated at the controls, naval planes in flight, other plane cockpit drawings, training flight patterns and maneuvers, US bombers in flight, Naval pilots in flight gear.

This rare, original, and richly pictorial US Navy Flight Training Manual would make an unusual addition to a modern design library or a WWII US Naval aviation history and memorabilia collection.

For more information and images from this remarkable book and further information about designer, Harley Earl, please visit this link: Telstar Logistics.

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